How to walk in high heel shoes: perfecting the catwalk strut

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In the simply fabulous words of Brian Atwood: “life is short, your heels shouldn’t be.” And yet there’s something a little daunting about trying a pair of sky-high heels for the first time. Whether it’s your first ever time wearing a pair of high heel shoes, or simply your first time getting to grips with a brand new pair, it’s not always easy to perfect your best catwalk strut.

Not to mention the hours of crippling pain as you head out for a night on the town, to attend a special event, or simply to look like a real-life queen when you walk into the office.

Some like to say that walking in heels is something that comes naturally to each of us. But here in our world, practice makes perfect is a more suitable term to abide by. Knowing how to walk comfortably in high heels is a skill – and one that’s worth learning!

With the right knowledge, you’ll be prancing around in a pair of sky-high shoes in no time at all.

Practice makes perfect

Like anything in life, perfecting the ability to walk in high heel shoes takes time and effort. But, believe us, it’s so worth it!

Heel-toe vs toe-heel

First-time heel wearers are prone to an occasional waddle-walk. And it’s a big sign that you’re an inexperienced heel wearer. When you’re wearing extreme high heel shoes and trying to exude class, style and confidence, the duck walk ruins the aesthetic a little bit.

The easiest way to perfect the catwalk-style strut that we all know and love is to adopt the heel-toe technique. This means placing your heel down first and then your toe. Instead of plonking your whole foot down at once, walking heel-first looks elegant and natural, working to elongate the appearance of your leg.

Cinderella’s slipper

The right fit is the key to walking in high heel shoes. Poorly fitting shoes – whether too big or too small – can make you lose your balance. If your shoes are too big, shoe inserts can be a great help in minimizing gaps and keeping your heels snug and secure on your foot. If they are too small, consider sizing up to prevent unnecessary aches and pains.


When you’re getting used to wearing heels, take your time and don’t rush. Taking small steps is the key here. As much as we all love the catwalk strut, that will come with practice. For now, small steps are key as they allow you to perfect the balance needed and get used to the additional height without slipping or falling over.

Where possible, wear heels on short trips out and take a pair of flats to get changed into. It can take your feet some time to get used to the new shape and height of an extreme high heel style, so be patient and kind to them as you gradually increase the time spent wearing them.

How to walk in platform high heels

Platform high heels are everywhere right now. From Valentino’s fabulous fashion shows to Bershka’s show-stopping store displays, high heel platform shoes are at the height of fashion.

Unlike the traditional high heel, platforms are raised underneath the toe as well as the heel, making the sole of your foot further away from the ground. Footwear designers integrate the platform for additional height that can’t always be achieved in a traditional high heel shoe. So, when you buy platform shoes, you can be sure you’d adding inches to your height!

Whilst, in theory, this seems like an easier option, platform high heels pose their own unique challenges when it comes to walking in them. When wearing traditional high heel shoes, the arch of your foot helps to feel the height difference and adjust your walk. As platforms are raised at the front and the back, the arch can be deceiving and your height much taller than expected.

Being comfortable in platforms is important to ensure you maintain your balance and stability. Just like wearing stilettos and other high-heel styles, walking in high heel platform shoes is a skill that requires both patience and practice.

Remember to take short steps and move slowly, touching your heel to the ground before your toes and gradually rolling the weight to the ball of your foot as you walk.

In platforms, your feet can feel a little heavier than usual so it’s important to distribute your weight evenly. Leaning back ever so slightly can help to keep your balance and walk more comfortably.

Stepping up your game

When it comes to elevating (pun intended!) your heel-wearing skills, there are plenty of things you can do. From walking technique to shoe size, our top tips will help you to walk comfortably in shoes in no time at all. But remember – when it comes to walking in high heel shoes, practice really does make perfect!

To perfect a fabulous catwalk strut, buy high heel shoes from Tajna Shoes here – with hundreds of unique styles and customisation options, Tajna Shoes is sure to be your go-to for every event!

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  • SaraH

    I always try and make it to the shopping mall with a pair of four inch heels and walk around for a little while and usually have to go back to my car and put my tennis shoes on after a bit. I just made it to Macy’s and Dillard’s and knew I couldn’t make it to nordstroms without a change of shoes. Practice practice practice!!

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